Lady Gaga Pisses Off the Church

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Though she references God in several of her songs (“I’m beautiful in my way/ ‘Cause God makes no mistakes”), several members of the Catholic faith have their paws up over Lady Gaga’s new song “Judas,” in which she claims she’s “in love” with that guy who betrayed the savior .

The new song was leaked to the web on Friday is pretty much the same as “Alejandro,” in which Gaga sings about loving someone and having to leave some poor schmuck named Alejandro. However, the new song (and forthcoming music video where Gaga portrays Mary Magdalene alongside Judas played by Norman Reedus) features someone leaving Jesus for Judas, as demonstrated by such colorful lines as: “I want to love you/ But something’s pulling me away from you/ Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to/ I’m just a holy fool/ Oh baby he’s so cruel/ But I’m still in love with Judas, baby.”

Naturally, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is none too happy about someone loving an apostle that betrayed Jesus, according to New York Daily News, and seems to think—and this is crazy—that the song is a stunt to make money. I’ve never heard of that happening.

“People have real talent, and then there is Lady Gaga,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue told HollywoodLife. He continued to explain that the singer shocks Catholics and Christians by dressing as a nun and swallowing the rosary.

“She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances. Maybe if she had more talent we’d be more offended. She has gone to the well too many times,” he said.

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  1. The girl has got talent, just screwed up in the head. Yeah she defiently has something mentally wrong with her! Feel sorry for the lost…………and pray they will grow a brain and a heart. Lady GaGa is someone to feel sorry for, for sure! so please Lady GaGa find Jesus and stop your wicked pathetic ways.

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