Katie Couric Pisses Off Good Morning America!

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TMZ.com is reporting that Katie Couric’s recent appearance on Good Morning America has royally pissed off the staffers of the show who feel it was a slight to co-host Robin Roberts. It was well known that Roberts would be on vacation during Couric’s week long guest hosting stint on GMA. So, the workers, who are extremely loyal to Roberts, are fuming mad at the network for the timing of the situation. Good Morning America, for the first time in decades, may overtake the Today show for the number one ratings spot and they feel Robin Roberts, as co-host, has had a lot to do with the surge. TMZ quotes one staffer as saying, “They should have put Katie on when George was on vacation.” Roberts is also reportedly pissed off but has not said anything publicly. For once being the sweetheart of early morning TV, Katie Couric has people pissed off at her all over the place!

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