How to Piss People Off On Twitter

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  1. Tweet like mad! – Spam people’s feeds by tweeting 10 or 12 times every few minutes. Nothing will make someone more angry than having to weed through your mass tweets.
  2. Tweet the same thing repeatedly! – The only thing worse than the frequency of your tweets is if the content of those tweets are the same damn thing! We can hear the swearing already.
  3. Tweet pics of nonsensical things – Find the most random pictures possible and tweet them from your account. People will get annoyed every time they look at a picture they can’t make heads or tails of.
  4. Pretend to engage in conversations – Start talking to other tweeters as though you are going to discuss a topic with them but then just talk about yourself or another totally different topic that has nothing to do with the original conversation. Or try quoting lines from random movies / TV shows which would also work.
  5. Use your Twitter account to promote some crazy cause – Try using your Twitter account only as a source to push an absurd cause to all of your followers.  Choose something so off the wall that it almost can’t be taken seriously. Groups like Welfare Group Disabled and Sexuality, The Naked Clowns or The Institute of Noetic Sciences are prefect candidates.


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