Even More Ways How to Piss People Off!

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  1. Announce very loudly to everyone every time you leave for the bathroom.
  2. Before getting out of an elevator, push the button for every floor.
  3. Bite down on your dentist’s fingers when getting a tooth exam.
  4. Block the entrances of a public bus so no one can get on or off.
  5. Bring more items into the dressing room than are allowed.
  6. Buy some clothing and then return it right away.
  7. Cause a traffic jam by pretending your car broke down.
  8. Chew your classmate’s or co-worker’s pencils.
  9. Dance slow during fast music and then change it up.
  10. Develop several tactics for cutting lines at the movies or amusement park.
  11. Don’t clean any of the lint from the dryer.
  12. Don’t leave an actual message on a voicemail… just leave a long silence.
  13. Don’t return any CDs that you borrow from friends.
  14. Don’t take your hat off… ever!
  15. Draw pencil thin mustaches on flyers and posters.
  16. Drum your fingers loudly when other people are talking.
  17. Eat a bunch grapes at the supermarket, but don’t buy any.
  18. Finish your friends’ crossword puzzles.
  19. Forget to bring a bag for your dog’s poop when going for walk.
  20. Give a kid a subscription to AARP magazine for his or her birthday.
  21. Go down the up escalator and up the down escalator!
  22. Hold the elevator door open until you have finished reciting the Lord’s Prayer.
  23. Leave your Christmas decorations up year round.
  24. Leave the toilet seat up.
  25. Leave your pantyhose hanging in the shower.
  26. Leave your supermarket cart right behind another car in the parking lot.
  27. Let doors slam behind you right in someone else’s face.
  28. Lie to your psychiatrist and then try to analyze him or her.
  29. Open umbrellas in the middle of a crowded hallway on a sunny day.
  30. Practice the art of limp handshakes.
  31. Put a title like Maestro or Doctor before your name when making reservations.
  32. Race old woman crossing the street and then taunt them from the other side when you win.
  33. Read over people’s shoulders and then make comments on the material.
  34. Ride along the shoulder of the road when stuck in traffic.
  35. Rubberneck for joggers whenever they run by.
  36. See if you can be the first one to finish eating without telling anyone else at the table about the contest.
  37. Serve corn on the cob to old people who have no teeth.
  38. Serve TV dinners and watch old tv re-runs on your first dates.
  39. Squeeze all of toothpaste and make a giant smiley face on the bathroom mirror.
  40. Tailgate at Church.
  41. Tell people the ending of movie you are at right before it starts.
  42. Touch strangers on the shoulder and ask them if they know where Waldo is.
  43. Use the last square of toilet paper in a stall and then take any spares.
  44. Walk very slowly, and make sure nobody can get past you.
  45. Wear a comically, large hat at the movies.
  46. When you find a handicap parking spot, take it but don’t turn your car off so that you are not stopped but not technically parked.
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