Apple Sued by Pissed-Off Parents

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Parents across the country have banded together to sue Apple, claiming the Cupertino-based company has given kids carte blanche to rack up charges on mom and dad’s credit cards by buying online games without authorization.

Garen Meguerian, a Pennsylvania father of two, is suing on behalf of all duped parents who say they were screwed over by the company and its marketing schemes that targeted children.

In a lawsuit filed in San Jose, Meguerian says he permitted his kids, aged 12 and 9, to download from iTunes a handful of free gaming apps, including Zombie Cafe and Treasure Story. But what he didn’t know was that they then purchased “virtual supplies” including ammunition, fruits and vegetables, and cash — all things they would need to play the game with any success. For instance, Smurfs’ Village is free to download. However, the object of the game is to build a virtual village, and you need “smurfberries” to quickly build it. The kids are then induced to buy the virtual berries, which cost real money.

And guess what? Smurfberries cost as much as $59.

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