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Katie Couric Pisses Off Good Morning America!

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 is reporting that Katie Couric’s recent appearance on Good Morning America has royally pissed off the staffers of the show who feel it was a slight to co-host Robin Roberts. It was well known that Roberts would be on vacation during Couric’s week long guest hosting stint on GMA. So, the workers, who are extremely loyal to Roberts, are fuming mad at the network for the timing of the situation. Good Morning America, for the first time in decades, may overtake the Today show for the number one ratings spot and they feel Robin Roberts, as co-host, has had a lot to do with the surge. TMZ quotes one staffer as saying, “They should have put Katie on when George was on vacation.” Roberts is also reportedly pissed off but has not said anything publicly. For once being the sweetheart of early morning TV, Katie Couric has people pissed off at her all over the place!

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How to Piss Off an Author!

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Twilight Breaking Dawn author very pissed off at possible 6th Twilight movie rumors. According to, Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer has gotten all her feathers rumpled in a bunch over these recent, possible 6th Twilight saga movie rumors that Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment has been sparking up.

They say, a reporter for Variety recently sent out the following tweet, “As long as we’re on topic: Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they’d do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention.”

As previously reported, Lionsgate recently sparked up the rumors by saying,they would fully support Stephenie Meyer with a new Twilight film if she were to write a 5th Twilight book and really just created an underlying tone of wanting this to be done.

So, now, Stephenie is really pissed off over it. Gosh, I wish that was all I had to be pissed off about. Anyways, I guess you Twi-Hards shouldn’t hold your breathe for a 6th Twilight flick.

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How to Piss Off a Traveling Songwriter!

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Country Music Singer Dale Watson was recently on tour in Australia and booked a flight on Tiger Airways. The airline preceded to charge the musician $500 worth of baggage fees for a box of his CDs and then lost the box valued at over $3,000! Needless to say, Dale Watson was pissed off over the incident and contacted the airline about it. From Watson’s account, the customer service from Tiger Airways was extremely lacking. So much so, that he decided to write a song about the airline. We’re pretty sure the pissed off country singer made Tiger Airways very angry when the song debuted. The song is entitled, “Tiger Airways and Their We Don’t Care-ways” and has caught the attention of media outlets all over the world. We’ve posted the video to the song below!

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How to Piss Off Paris Hilton!

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Rumors are always flying about the life of party girl, Paris Hilton, but the latest one has her fuming mad! Word has spread that Paris Hilton is working in the porn industry and she is not happy about it at all. Her assistant works in the industry and could be the reason why Paris Hilton finds herself attached to such gossip. If there’s one person you don’t want to piss off, it’s a rich girl with nothing but time on her hands!


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How to Piss Off Tom Petty!

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Michele Bachmann hasn’t exactly gotten her campaign off to the best start. It’s bad enough to confuse movie legend John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy and crazily insist that John Quincy Adams was a founding father at the age of nine – but now she’s gone and pissed off Tom Petty. The Minnesota congresswoman played “American Girl” yesterday when she walked onstage at a rally, and Rolling Stone has confirmed reports that Petty’s management team immediately sent the Bachmann campaign a cease and desist letter.


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How to Piss Off a College Student’s Mom

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The furious mom of the Seattle college coed at the center of Weinergate yesterday demanded that the cocky congressman come clean about the lewd photo.

“I’m really upset. I feel like he’s a person of power and influence, who can make a statement and make all this go away,” Carol Mizuguchi said, blasting Rep. Anthony Weiner for his continued snarky sidestepping.
“As her mother, I’m really upset,” Mizuguchi told The Post. “I’m pissed off at that.

Mizuguchi’s 21-year-old daughter, Gennette Cordova, got the surprise package — a close-up of an underwear-clad crotch…

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Lady Gaga Pisses Off the Church

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Though she references God in several of her songs (“I’m beautiful in my way/ ‘Cause God makes no mistakes”), several members of the Catholic faith have their paws up over Lady Gaga’s new song “Judas,” in which she claims she’s “in love” with that guy who betrayed the savior .

The new song was leaked to the web on Friday is pretty much the same as “Alejandro,” in which Gaga sings about loving someone and having to leave some poor schmuck named Alejandro. However, the new song (and forthcoming music video where Gaga portrays Mary Magdalene alongside Judas played by Norman Reedus) features someone leaving Jesus for Judas, as demonstrated by such colorful lines as: “I want to love you/ But something’s pulling me away from you/ Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to/ I’m just a holy fool/ Oh baby he’s so cruel/ But I’m still in love with Judas, baby.”

Naturally, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is none too happy about someone loving an apostle that betrayed Jesus, according to New York Daily News, and seems to think—and this is crazy—that the song is a stunt to make money. I’ve never heard of that happening.

“People have real talent, and then there is Lady Gaga,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue told HollywoodLife. He continued to explain that the singer shocks Catholics and Christians by dressing as a nun and swallowing the rosary.

“She is trying to rip off Christian idolatry to shore up her talentless, mundane and boring performances. Maybe if she had more talent we’d be more offended. She has gone to the well too many times,” he said.

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How to Piss People Off On Twitter

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  1. Tweet like mad! – Spam people’s feeds by tweeting 10 or 12 times every few minutes. Nothing will make someone more angry than having to weed through your mass tweets.
  2. Tweet the same thing repeatedly! – The only thing worse than the frequency of your tweets is if the content of those tweets are the same damn thing! We can hear the swearing already.
  3. Tweet pics of nonsensical things – Find the most random pictures possible and tweet them from your account. People will get annoyed every time they look at a picture they can’t make heads or tails of.
  4. Pretend to engage in conversations – Start talking to other tweeters as though you are going to discuss a topic with them but then just talk about yourself or another totally different topic that has nothing to do with the original conversation. Or try quoting lines from random movies / TV shows which would also work.
  5. Use your Twitter account to promote some crazy cause – Try using your Twitter account only as a source to push an absurd cause to all of your followers.  Choose something so off the wall that it almost can’t be taken seriously. Groups like Welfare Group Disabled and Sexuality, The Naked Clowns or The Institute of Noetic Sciences are prefect candidates.


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How to Piss Off Disabled People

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Some pet owners get fake IDs for their ‘service animals’ – Florida –

Some pet owners get fake IDs for their ‘service animals’

It’s not hard to get fake IDs for untrained dogs that people pass off as service animals in restaurants and stores and on airplanes, which angers truly disabled people.

Owners and trainers of service dogs are increasingly angry at pet owners who pass their animals off as service dogs by using phony credentials.

The imposters go to the Internet to buy vests, ID cards and certificates for their dogs. The deception allows their pets to live in restricted housing, accompany them into restaurants and hotels or fly free in airplane cabins rather than in cargo holds.

“I don’t want to say it’s a scam, but it is a scam,” said Nick Kutsukos, 72, who runs the Elite K9 Academy in Jupiter and has trained service dogs for 40 years.

People who fake a disability and/or pretend their pet is a service animal risk at least a fine or, in extreme cases, federal fraud charges.

Getting certification is as easy as filling out a form online, sending in your money and perhaps a photograph of your dog.

You can pay from $20 to $300. An owner gets a specially marked dog vest or collar, dog identification tags or ID cards, a certificate, training DVDs, information CDs and other official-looking items.

But none of it is required by law.

One website recommends annual certification, while another offers increasingly expensive bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

“There is no certification required, so there’s no such thing as a legitimate [document],” said Toni Eames, president of the Michigan-based International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.

“Anyone who sells you a certification is a scammer,” said Eames, who also is blind and has her own guide dog.

Given the time and money invested in training service dogs, disabled users and trainers are angered by those who buy or sell worthless service-dog items online for imposter pets.

“I’m condemning the people who are irresponsible and force people into cheating,” Eames said.

Kutsukos, whose service dog helps with his seizures, said the fake certifications “make it difficult for people with legitimate service dogs to do things.”

A restaurant manager, for example, might think twice about allowing a legitimate service dog inside because of a bad experience with a fake service dog that barked or misbehaved.

The best way to tell whether a service dog is legitimate is to observe its behavior, authorities say. Service dogs won’t appear restless, and they won’t jump or bark. They will obey the disabled owner’s commands, perform tasks and lie down passively where instructed.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, protects the rights of disabled people, including their use of service animals. But there was confusion when monkeys, cats, ferrets and other critters were utilized to help people with special needs function in public places such as restaurants and hotels.

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Apple Sued by Pissed-Off Parents

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Parents across the country have banded together to sue Apple, claiming the Cupertino-based company has given kids carte blanche to rack up charges on mom and dad’s credit cards by buying online games without authorization.

Garen Meguerian, a Pennsylvania father of two, is suing on behalf of all duped parents who say they were screwed over by the company and its marketing schemes that targeted children.

In a lawsuit filed in San Jose, Meguerian says he permitted his kids, aged 12 and 9, to download from iTunes a handful of free gaming apps, including Zombie Cafe and Treasure Story. But what he didn’t know was that they then purchased “virtual supplies” including ammunition, fruits and vegetables, and cash — all things they would need to play the game with any success. For instance, Smurfs’ Village is free to download. However, the object of the game is to build a virtual village, and you need “smurfberries” to quickly build it. The kids are then induced to buy the virtual berries, which cost real money.

And guess what? Smurfberries cost as much as $59.

How to Piss off a Real-Life Warlock

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Real-Life Warlock — Boycott Natalie Portman’s Movie.

Salem-based spellcaster Christian Day — who even runs his own little witchcraft shop called HEX — is pissed at Hollywood for its constant negative portrayals of warlocks in movies … and now, he’s calling for an all-out boycott of “Your Highness” for its anti-warlock messages.

Christian calls the movie an “assault on taste” for casting a warlock “who hopes to deflower helpless virgins and rule the world” — telling TMZ, “Hollywood continues to cast Witches and Warlocks as negative roles when we’re the good guys and gals!”

Christian adds, “I hope people boycott this movie and movies like it so that Hollywood is inspired to release more positive films about Witches and Warlocks.”

Eat your heart out, Harry Potter.

Ways to Piss Off People Through Email

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  1. Forward spam emails to everyone in your address book on purpose.
  2. Find random people’s email addresses online and try to make a new friend.
  3. Use your friends’ email addresses to sign up for retail newsletters.
  4. Send emails way more often than anyone should. The more, the merrier.
  5. Use nondescript email subject lines that don’t match the email content.
  6. Use over-the-top formatting in your email. Use bold, italic, and colors if you can.
  7. TyPe LiKe tHiS tO ReAlLy PiSs pEoPlE oFf!
  8. Send replies without any message.
  9. Email them random pictures of food or things around your home/office.
  10. Always include a P.S. in your email with a random quote from a bad movie.

Top Ten Ways to Piss Off a Cop

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  1. When the police officer asks why you were speeding, tell him you wanted to race.
  2. Or when the cop talks to you, pretend you that you are hearing impaired.
  3. Refer to the officer by his or her first name.
  4. Ask the police officer if he or she watches the show, Cops.
  5. If there is someone else in the car, talk to each other in a fake language like Pig Latin.
  6. Ask him where he bought his cool hat.
  7. If the officer asks you to spread your legs, tell him you don’t go that way.
  8. Ask if the police office has a daughter. If yes, say you thought the name sounded familiar.
  9. When he’s going over your offenses, start repeating him, quietly.
  10. If the officer frisks you, make sure to let him or her know they missed a spot and ask him or her to do it again.
  11. Before you sign the ticket, pick your nose. You have to sign with his pen.

Even More Ways How to Piss People Off!

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  1. Announce very loudly to everyone every time you leave for the bathroom.
  2. Before getting out of an elevator, push the button for every floor.
  3. Bite down on your dentist’s fingers when getting a tooth exam.
  4. Block the entrances of a public bus so no one can get on or off.
  5. Bring more items into the dressing room than are allowed.
  6. Buy some clothing and then return it right away.
  7. Cause a traffic jam by pretending your car broke down.
  8. Chew your classmate’s or co-worker’s pencils.
  9. Dance slow during fast music and then change it up.
  10. Develop several tactics for cutting lines at the movies or amusement park.
  11. Don’t clean any of the lint from the dryer.
  12. Don’t leave an actual message on a voicemail… just leave a long silence.
  13. Don’t return any CDs that you borrow from friends.
  14. Don’t take your hat off… ever!
  15. Draw pencil thin mustaches on flyers and posters.
  16. Drum your fingers loudly when other people are talking.
  17. Eat a bunch grapes at the supermarket, but don’t buy any.
  18. Finish your friends’ crossword puzzles.
  19. Forget to bring a bag for your dog’s poop when going for walk.
  20. Give a kid a subscription to AARP magazine for his or her birthday.
  21. Go down the up escalator and up the down escalator!
  22. Hold the elevator door open until you have finished reciting the Lord’s Prayer.
  23. Leave your Christmas decorations up year round.
  24. Leave the toilet seat up.
  25. Leave your pantyhose hanging in the shower.
  26. Leave your supermarket cart right behind another car in the parking lot.
  27. Let doors slam behind you right in someone else’s face.
  28. Lie to your psychiatrist and then try to analyze him or her.
  29. Open umbrellas in the middle of a crowded hallway on a sunny day.
  30. Practice the art of limp handshakes.
  31. Put a title like Maestro or Doctor before your name when making reservations.
  32. Race old woman crossing the street and then taunt them from the other side when you win.
  33. Read over people’s shoulders and then make comments on the material.
  34. Ride along the shoulder of the road when stuck in traffic.
  35. Rubberneck for joggers whenever they run by.
  36. See if you can be the first one to finish eating without telling anyone else at the table about the contest.
  37. Serve corn on the cob to old people who have no teeth.
  38. Serve TV dinners and watch old tv re-runs on your first dates.
  39. Squeeze all of toothpaste and make a giant smiley face on the bathroom mirror.
  40. Tailgate at Church.
  41. Tell people the ending of movie you are at right before it starts.
  42. Touch strangers on the shoulder and ask them if they know where Waldo is.
  43. Use the last square of toilet paper in a stall and then take any spares.
  44. Walk very slowly, and make sure nobody can get past you.
  45. Wear a comically, large hat at the movies.
  46. When you find a handicap parking spot, take it but don’t turn your car off so that you are not stopped but not technically parked.

25 Ways How To Piss People Off

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  1. Bang drums as loud as you can at 3:00 O’clock in the morning.
  2. Allow your kids to stomp on ketchup packets at McDonalds.
  3. While someone is counting, say random numbers to throw them off.
  4. Leave notes in the margins of other people’s books.
  5. NEVER return things you borrow.
  6. Holler at your friends across the room in the library.
  7. Pay for gum with a $100 bill.
  8. Buy Cool Gifts for everyone at Christmas and just keep them for yourself.
  9. Blow out their birthday candles before they can!
  10. Get a buddy and take up both lanes on the highway. Drive slow side by side.
  11. Take 25 items through the “10 items or less” checkout lane.
  12. Wear a very large hat in the movie theater.
  13. Choose the same thing on the jukebox 25 times.
  14. Give out wrong directions to people that ask.
  15. Drop your drunk friend off at the wrong house.
  16. Fart in an elevator.
  17. Send people invitations to a party that doesn’t exist.
  18. Is there a favorite movie that they haven’t seen yet? Tell them how it ends.
  19. Tell someone’s two year old there’s no Santa Claus.
  20. CC all your spam to your entire mailing list.
  21. Let your dog poop in someone’s yard and don’t pick it up.
  22. Sit at the back of the plane and when it lands, race to be the first one out.
  23. Don’t wear deodorant.
  24. Put your hands over your ears and say, “la, la, la…” when people are talking to you.
  25. When going through a door, let it slam in the face of the person behind you.

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27 More Ways How To Piss People Off

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  1. Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200% extra dark, 17 inch paper, 99 copies.
  2. In the memo field of all your checks, write “for sexual favors.”
  3. Blow your nose and fart at the dinner table.
  4. T w e e t  l i k e t h i s o n T w i t t e r s o t h a t i t ‘ s h a r d t o r e a d .
  5. When kids are watching cartoons in the doctor’s office, change the channel.
  6. “Accidentally” track mud onto your friend’s light-colored carpet.
  7. Staple papers on the right side instead of the left.
  8. Go to Wendys and order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese happy meal.
  9. Interrupt people when they’re talking to you. Do this frequently.
  10. Ask a fat woman if she’s pregnant. Be sure to look real serious and interested.
  11. Type in all caps in forums and blogs… and on Twitter. People love this.
  12. When they say, “Mind if I smoke?”, say, “Mind if I fart?”
  13. Make important appointments for September 31st.
  14. Wear cheap cologne. Be sure to put LOTS on.
  15. Be “in conference” all the time
  16. Pee in the swimming people and tell everyone it feels warm where you’re standing.
  17. Be sure your hand is totally limp when you shake hands with someone else.
  18. Walk within 6 inches of the person in front of you.
  19. Continually flirt with your best friend’s girlfriend.
  20. Keep telling jokes over and over that aren’t funny.
  21. Tell your teenagers that you walked 10 miles to school everday in the snow.
  22. Run your fingernails down a blackboard. When they ask you to stop, keep doing it.
  23. Tell the worst joke you can think of and then explain the punchline.
  24. Go into an expensive model home and put a fake dog turd on the carpet.
  25. Keep your brights on the whole time even with cars coming at you.
  26. Continuously click your pen while someone’s trying to talk to you.
  27. Walk up to someone, slap them in the face and then take off running.

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